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Caregiving: The Financial Impact on Families
Age Without Borders, Caregiving Global Summit, January 2018.
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  • Reuters Money Facebook Live, October 24, 2017 (video)
  • Wharton Sirius Business Radio. September 27, 2017 (radio)
Caregiving and its Impact on Retirement Planning
While the family provides the lion’s share of care for an aging parent, spouse or other frail or disabled loved one, the role of the family caregiver and its impact on nan- cial well-being in retirement is often for- gotten. In fact, many caregivers themselves do not connect the dots. Yet the truth is that there are nancial as well as emotional and health-related consequences of being a care- giver.
-Pension Section News, May, 2015
Talking to Older Parents About Their Plans for the Future
When families are gathered for the holidays is a good time for adult children to broach the subject of their parents' housing and health care plans for the years ahead.
-Kiplinger, December, 2017