Find Value in Customers 50+


Mission Statement

Goal: to help businesses, especially financial services, better understand the 50+ consumer and to translate my expertise, academic knowledge and experience in aging, retirement, and Gerontology to enhance business objectives and to be of greater assistance to their older customers.

I provide the content and context to product development, marketing, sales, Human Resources, compliance and other areas in companies that produce products and services for pre-retirees  and older consumers and for the professionals who work with them.

I understand the 50+ consumer—their attitudes, behaviors and physical, psychological and social changes that occur with age— as they move from pre retiree to recently retired to deep in retirement.

I have worked professionally and have served on boards on the national and international level (senior positions at AARP, American Society on Aging; UN Representative for the International Federation on Ageing; chair and board positions with National Alliance on Aging, Generations United, American foundation for the blind, and Business Forum on Aging).
I have a unique combination of both expertise in aging and a deep understanding of financial services after working as a Vice President of MetLife and founder and director of the Metlife Mature Market Institute and teaching and consulting with the American College of Financial Services.

My areas of expertise include the retirement life stage; aging-related changes with aging—physical, psychological (including cognitive changes), and societal; health and long term care;  housing and aging  in place; elder fraud and abuse;  legal and ethical issues; global population aging; employment and encore careers; and finding meaning and purpose.

I am doing this work because I believe that our older  population is often sidelined and not well understood, and are a valuable and often untapped resource to their communities and society as well as an economic force.  I also want professionals in business to more fully understand their older customers and better serve them.